Height of Land Lake Sportsman's Club

The Sportsman's Club is an association of hunter's. It is headquartered one quarter mile East of Height of Land Lake. Their focus is on guns, hunting fowl and fur. They host several events each year to support their Association—A May Chilli Feed, a July Black Powder Event and a September Turkey and Trap Shoot.

In July of 2012 they hosted the Bearclaw Muzzeloaders, at the Height of Land Sportsmans Club gun range. Arrows flew and the smell of gunpowder was in the air over the weekend. They specialize in recreating an authentic 1840's Mountainman Rendezvous—from the detailed period grab to the black powder mizzeloaders they channel Jeremiah Johnson. Great family fun. About 35 families gathered for the annual get-together hosted by the Bearclaw Muzzeloaders of Northern Minnesota.

Enjoying the Bearclaw get-together at Height-of-Land Lake—campers from Longville from left, Darcy and Mike Osburnsen, “Handsome Dan”Yochumand" Bill Payne. Carol Bradow of Pine River was a deadeye shooter, downing a series of clay pigeons launched over a swamp at the Height-of-Land Sportsman’s Club. The archery range was popular at the Bearclaw Rendezvous at the Height-of-Land Sportsman’s Club. Gerald Streifel of Sabin nailed this target again and again on the archery range—one of a dozen animal targets.

For Membership and Upcoming Events Information Contact:
Craig or Christine Hall—Phone: 218-846-1969

Mailing address is:
Height of Land Sportsmen's Club
37895 SW HOL Drive
Rochert, MN 56578